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Article - New Range of TK Hockey Shirts In Stock

New Range of TK Hockey Shirts In Stock
August 16, 2017

TK have brought out a new style of hockey sticks for 2017, the Total range. This style is an accumulation of years of research and development into producing some of the most advanced and innovative hockey sticks on the market.

Here at Sporting-billy, we currently stock many varieties of sticks in the Total Two and the Total Three range of TK. The Total Two range here includes the TK Total Two SCX 2.5 Innovate Stick, which includes leading materials in its construction, which results in a stick that allows the players the play all round the pitch, and that is adaptable to many different skill sets. This particular stick incorporates leading materials like carbon and glassfibre in their construction.

We also have a selection of hockey sticks from TK's Total Three range. One of which is the TK Total Three SCX 3.3 Ultimate Stick. This particular stick includes 50% Carbon, 10% Aramid and 40% Glassfibre into the stick, meaning that it contains leading materials that provides you, the player, maximum performance.

The USP of the new Total Three range from TK is that you get a high level of performance from high quality sticks at affordable prices. This makes Total Three the ideal range for developing players.

TK Hockey have once again proved themselves as a leading manufacture and brand of hockey stick with this new and improved Total range. Bringing together performance, quality and affordability into the 2017 season.